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Placement Process

Placement services aim in providing the right job to the right candidate. Giving clients and employees best concerning service.

Industry knowledge

We consult with experts and professionals in different industrial fields. All of our consultants specialize in many industrial fields as most of them have been working for these industries for quite a long time. We cater for a broad range of skill sets in the industry be it in skilled, semi-skilled, managerial or professional roles. We, therefore, have devoted ourselves to getting the best practitioners in the business in the hiring process. Our unmatched knowledge of the industry puts us in a unique position to find you the best person for the job.

Professional Client Consultation

To get a proper understanding of what the client wants, we harness the power of a highly comprehensive consulting method that assesses your objectives as a business, your corporate culture, your customers’ focus, performance standards just to name a few. With these consultations, we are better positioned to help in the placement process.

As every organization is different in requirements, experience required and also corporate culture, our professional consultation helps us to find the perfect candidate for the job. This removes the trial and error method. By engaging in the client consultation process, we get to know our customers better so that we can better serve them.

Develop and Execute Sourcing Strategies

  • Conducting an in-depth research to identify the potential talent pools.
  • Selecting best candidate for a particular position.
  • We also search the Golden Staffing internal and external databases.
  • Advertising job position on different media.

Screening Process

  • First of all, we screen the potential applicants for the advertised position to shorten the nominees.
  • We contact the qualifying list of candidates via telephone and hold interviews.
  • Shortlist the potential candidates for further vetting.
  • Hold professional interviews with the shortlisted candidates and also verify the credentials.
  • After the candidates have passed through the professional interview, a national Pre-Employment Criminal Record Check is performed.
  • After the criminal check, comes the Education Verification, Credit Check, Reference Check, Employment History Verification, Public Safety verification and any other relevant checks.

Selection Process

  • We coordinate the client interviewing schedule.
  • Prepare and advise the shortlisted candidates on the interviews.
  • Prepare the client for the interview by providing them with all the relevant material.
  • Conduct professional background checks regarding performance from supervisors and past colleagues. 
  • Drivers Abstracts (C.V.O.R)

Hiring Process

  • After the selection process, the actual hiring is done.
  • Together with the company needing placements, prepare the relevant information for making an acceptable offer.
  • Assist the candidate for placement.
  • After placement has been done, follow up to make sure the candidate is employed.

We help you to get the right job and build better life.

Our mission is to provide you the right job and better staffing.