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"Employment Agency", "Personnel Agency", "Temp Agency" or "Staffing Agency"

We Have People

At Golden Staffing(“Employment Agency”, “Personnel Agency”, “Temp Agency” or “Staffing Agency”), we work with employers in the greater Toronto area to provide you with better paying industrial jobs. We can offer you more flexible industrial career opportunities, allowing you to select the positions you wish.

If you are looking for General Help jobs in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Oakville and the surrounding area. Golden Staffing (“Employment Agency”, “Personnel Agency”, “Temp Agency” or “Staffing Agency”), have access to part-time, full-time, or casual jobs across an extensive range of positions. Simply submit your resume and we will find the right job!

Looking for forklift operator jobs in Toronto? At Golden Staffing( “Employment Agency”, “Personnel Agency”, “Temp Agency” or “Staffing Agency”), we deliver these jobs. When you apply for forklift operator jobs, we don’t just match you with any job opening. Realize that our primary goal is to get you a forklift job that’s right for you.

Who Are We?

Golden Staffing services (“Employment Agency”, “Personnel Agency”, “Temp Agency” or “Staffing Agency”) is a employment agency hired by a other companies to help with its staffing needs. Employment agencies find people to fill all kinds of jobs, from temporary to full-time, in a number of career fields i.e. General Help, Forklift Operator, Order Picker, G Licence, Office Staff, Marketing Staff & Administration Staff etc. All Jobs Needs under one roof & for the last 4 years Golden Staffing Servicing if sucessfully completing the companies as well as job seeker needs 

Jobs and Employment

At Golden Staffing Services(“Employment Agency”, “Personnel Agency”, “Temp Agency” or “Staffing Agency”), we provide jobs to each and everyone according to their time schedule i.e. from Part time to Full time & from General Help to Administration Job. You have the skill and we match it with the job. We a professional employment agency have jobs for everyone.  

Providing Staffing Solutions

At Golden Staffing(“Employment Agency”, “Personnel Agency”, “Temp Agency” or “Staffing Agency”), We offer personalized, professional and responsive solutions to all of your staffing needs. One stop shop for all your personal needs. Employer just have to Hire Golden Staffing Services( “Employment Agency”, “Personnel Agency”, “Temp Agency” or “Staffing Agency”) &  we will manager all your Full time as well as pert time employee needs as and when required.  

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission
Our Strategy

Hiring Right Personnel

We know that your company’s bottom line is largely dependent on your employees’ performance. For this reason, we hire only the best in the industry.


Training and Placement

We provide our candidate with the training and strategy so they can be productive in their workstation.


Staffing Solutions for Employers

Employing personnel can consume disproportionate amount of time and attention. We will hire reliable employees so you can focus on other important aspects of you organization.

Screening Candidates

We understand that the success of your company depends on your employees. As such, we implement a very strict screening process.

Employing Qualified Personnel.

As one of GTA’s top recruitment agencies, our reputation is built on helping employers find skilled and talented employees. We welcome you!


General Help

Golden Staffing offers general Help jobs from all across GTA. Jobs include cleaning, loading and delivering materials, using a variety of tools and machines.

Forklift Operators

Forklift operator jobs are available from all over GTA. Duties include operating Forklift to load and unload materials and move them to and from storage areas

Food Processors

Food processing workers jobs include duties like regular task involved in manufacturing unites processing processing a range of edible products


Assembler job duties include using variety of of hand & power tools, fixtures, follow work instructions and test equipment perform a series of operations to assemble devices, products or equipments.


Packer and/or Packager duties include mark and label containers, tag containers, products or tools. Inspect containers, products and/or materials.

Truck Drivers

Transport goods and materials to and from manufacturing facilities, retail locations, and distribution centers. We wide opening for Truck Driver jobs through GTA and North America.

Employer Get Right Person For Job & Person Get Right Job.

Right Person For Right Job